Problems Across The Globe

Earth has 70 % Water, But only less than 3% is

About 1.5 million deaths each year are caused by Waterborne diseases .

More than 1 billion people don’t have access to clean water. This is roughly 1 out of 6 people.

Problems With Conventional Urinals

  • Too much water wastage per flush.
  • Many times water leakage in valves.
  • Bad odour.
  • Expensive sensors & batteries in automatic urinals.
  • High maintenance cost.
  • Many places no solutions for waste water.
  • Fully infected with germs which leads to diseases.



  • Saves 1,67,900 litres of water per year per urinal.
  • Extremely economical.
  • Can be installed in all kind of urinal system.
  • Expensive sensors & batteries in automatic urinals
  • Recurring cost per months is too low.
  • Saves electricity in automatic urinal system.

  • Can convert any conventional urinal into Waterless Urinal
  • Very Easy installations process. No need for technical person.
  • Completely recyclable and eco-friendly.

Social Impact

  • Extremely economical.
  • Due to reduction in water use per flush, and this will curtail the depletion of fresh water resources.
  • Reduction in the amount of waste water polluting the environment, especially in developing countries.
  • Water saving also enables agricultural system to develop, which contributes to a total economic system.
  • The value proposition can be looked at in terms of environmental strategies and its long term sustainable impacts.
  • Fresh drinking water can be made available in rural and drought areas by saving water through waterless urinals.

EcoTrapIn V/s Competitors

  • TAPU works on hassle free technology.
  • TAPU can fit into any existing urinal.
  • TAPU come in half of the competitors price.
  • 2 Step Installation.
  • Maintenance team in bulk orders.