Who We Are?

Prayas is a international social enterprise, empowering students and rural household with basic educational infrastructure to study efficiently and live a better living.

Prayas Innovation, a company founded with a vision to address the challenges faced by society in areas of energy, education and health. The company aims to improve the quality of life of people in third world countries thus forming a healthier, safer and civlized society.

Students in rural areas, lack access to basic educational infrastructure. As basic as a desk, a bag, a light source to study at night. We inovate, design, manufacture and implement a multifunctional and unique solution, a solar powered bag that converts into a desk to lghten millions of lives accross the globe.

What We Do?

Health And Education

Students studying in remote area, lack access to basic educational infrastructure like a desk. These students sit on floor in bad posture for hours together. Prayas has come up with a unique and novel solution. Yelo a school bag that converts into

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One in three people accross the globe lack access to electricty. How are bright young minds who hod the future suppose to shine if they lack as basic as a light souce to study? The solutions lies in Yelo. Yelo a smart bag that comes with solar kit, and light

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vision Our vision is to deliver and implement low cost innovative product and services for the betterment of mankind thus improving the quality of life.
We aim to shape the lifes of millions accross the globe who lack access to basic aminities that any human should not be deprived of.
mantra Shaping an educated, civilized and dignified society.
Better World For ALL.
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Head Office

49, Anand Plaza, University Road Udaipur-313001, India.
+91 7726061432