YELO BACKPACK - is a low-cost school bag specially produced for underprivileged children. YELO BACKPACK is an intelligently designed school bag that converts into a desk and sitting stool. The bags help children carry their belonging, irrespective of the weather conditions. YELO BACKPACK made up of corrugated sheet is durable and has strength to carry belongings worth more than 10 kgs. YELO BACKPACK with a single fold technique smartly transforms into a school desk. The desk offers a flat platform for students to write and read, thus ensuring they maintain an ergonomic posture while studying. Once kids finish the writing part, they can use this as a sitting stool as well. The bags are designed according to the age group of the children.

YELO BACKPACK bags have two different size variants:

  • Small sized bags - For class 1 to 5
  • Medium sized bags - For class 6 to 8

Moreover, YELO BACKPACK come with a detached solar powered LED white light source which gives a light source for children to study during the evenings or night. This lamp can also be used by the entire family to carry out daily household chores. Remote areas face extensive power cuts and make it difficult for children to study or do their homework. These solar lamps can deliver light for more than 4-8 hours, thus aiding students and rural households to carry out their evening chores. The rechargeable battery in the solar kit can be charged through solar energy or even through AC charging.